Hey Folks! Today I am pleased/excited to announce that valentines day gift baskets will be back. this year the baskets will be $40.00 to buy one already made or to customize your own basket. this year the baskets will contain 1 bottle of bubble bath, 1 stuffed toy, one hand made pillow with a romantic poem for the husband and wife or for who you ever give it too, and 1 valentines day balloon. also is the basket will be your choice of chocolate covered strawberry’s, chocolate covered marshmallows, chocolate or vanilla cupcakes or cookies. for the bakery treats you can choose 12 or 20 teats. I can deliver or ship but if hipped no bakery treats but I can add some candy. due to a lot of people asking I will start taking orders January 10th 2022. if you wish to buy a basket and have me hold it till a certain day will but will ask for a down payment. to place an order you can email me at or give me a call or txt at 270-221-8966.

Published by meghan1996

Hi Folks!. My name is Meghan Bierwirth I am the owner of MB's crafts. MB's crafts was created in 2017 when I started sewing and selling my product. I make men's clothes, kids clothes, women's clothes, pillows, blankets and lots more items. everything I post on my page is for sale. I do take orders for my products. I also plan to start being at craft fairs and county fairs. Thank you all for your love and support love you all.

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