Hey folks!. Todays new feature is this beautiful blue glass beaded dragon necklace with matching bracelet. It’s $25.00. I am taking orders for this beautiful necklace. The bead color is also available in blue, red, white and purple. I can also do matching earrings with this necklace and bracelet. If you like to purchase this necklace or place an order please call me at 270-221-8966 or email me at Thanks and have a wonderful day. Thank you for supporting my business I love you all.

Published by meghan1996

Hi Folks!. My name is Meghan Bierwirth I am the owner of MB's crafts. MB's crafts was created in 2017 when I started sewing and selling my product. I make men's clothes, kids clothes, women's clothes, pillows, blankets and lots more items. everything I post on my page is for sale. I do take orders for my products. I also plan to start being at craft fairs and county fairs. Thank you all for your love and support love you all.

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