Hey Folks!. Do you have a man or woman or someone in your life who means the world to you and you wanna give them something to remind them how much you love them or how much they mean too you?. Well look no further!. How about a nice you hold the key to my heart surrounded by hearts cold cup tumbler?!. It’s $15.00 plus shipping I can do it in different color writing and different color tumbler. If you wish to purchase please call or text me at 262-838-5064 or email me at Thank you and have a nice day.

Published by meghan1996

Hi Folks!. My name is Meghan Bierwirth I am the owner of MB's crafts. MB's crafts was created in 2017 when I started sewing and selling my product. I make men's clothes, kids clothes, women's clothes, pillows, blankets and lots more items. everything I post on my page is for sale. I do take orders for my products. I also plan to start being at craft fairs and county fairs. Thank you all for your love and support love you all.

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